Safety first

With every customer, we make sure we understand the health of each person so we can proceed with safety. On your first session we will need to a little about your health and expectations.    

Listening touch

The art of seeing through your hands is what we do. Assisting in Yoga or during a massage. Listening touch makes sure we are on the right track, not applying too much or too little pressure.

Your outcome is our focus

For massage, So we can do our best for you we like to set an outcome from the start. That way we can measure the progress, even if you just want to ralax.

The 'Tools' of our trade

There are many ways to work with Soft-Tissue. We will use the right approaches depending on each different session.

Creating space in the tissue

The aim of most body work is to make space, be it Yoga or massage. This space allows the body to move more freely and return to a state of equillibrium.  

Pain management

We dont like pain either, but sometimes its nessasary to take the pain out of the body. If anything feels likes its too much, just let us know and we will adapt our approach. 

Our Clinic

We both work from our dedicated clinic room in our home , where have all the equipment we need to get the best results for you. We are right by St.Lukes Church on Old street in EC1V