The Fuzz speech

Not for the squeemish, Dr Gill Hedley explains 'The fuzz speech' 

Your Body's packing material

Fascia is the transduction material that runs though and around all your body's structures.  

Strolling under the skin

 This is a masterpiece on Facia

Soft Tissue Release technique

A simple explanation of Soft tissue release technique that can be applied to most areas on the body.

Muscle Energy Technique

A short explination of Muscle Energy Techniques

The 5 Tibetan Rites

 If yoga is not for you or you dont have much time, these are great .

Back, Neck and Shoulder problems?

Jamie does a great 5 minute video on how to train away upper back pain

What is Traditional Thai Massage?

Its like having yoga done to you and is our favorite!  

4-7-8 Breathing

Great clip on a powerful breathing technique from Andrew Weil