What people are saying...

" I have been coming to see Geoffrey for regular massage now for well over a year. Due to the nature of my job I suffer with tension around my shoulders and neck but also find massage deeply therapeutic and relaxing. Geoffrey is an excellent masseuse. He listens intently and is very professional. This is not a generic one fits all massage but instead is tailor made to my needs. I cannot recommend Geoffrey enough, if I could afford to see him every day I would! "


 This is a great service, close to my office. Geoffrey takes time to listen to what’s needed. Works wonders on my aches and pains. 

- Jenny, HR Manager -

 "I initially came to see Geoffrey in 2017 because I was experiencing very stiff shoulders and a tight back and neck. I've been to see Geoffrey a number of times since then because his deep tissue massages give me a considerable amount of relief from the tightness. Geoffrey is always very attentive and professional, and goes the extra mile to discuss my health and recommend exercises to do and other services that could potentially help. I've been to various other massage places and other body workers such as rolfing sessions, but no-one else has been as effective at making me feel relaxed and relieved as Geoffrey. I'm an accountant so I'm sitting at a desk all day and I've found that Geoffrey's massages are the best way to get rid the tightness that occurs. Huge thanks. "


" I started to get a massage as I was experiencing a stiff shoulder from pushing my wheelchair. Geoffrey has worked on my shoulder for the last 5 years and has managed to keep the issue at bay. Geoffrey is very mindful of my other conditions and how they all interact and is keen to understand more so he can best help me. His enthusiasm without being pushy instills confidence and trust. "

-Diana -

" I was experiencing bad neck and shoulder pain.  The massage was very specific to my neck and shoulder pain. Also the information provided in the video link, explained a lot about possible causes and gentle stretching to help relieve the pain. I think Geoffrey has studied a lot to understand the body and how he can help treat it.  I am able to come most times of day, so therefore off peak pricing is good value for the treatment.  Other massages haven't been as diverse and so specific.  I was a buyer in retail, until last June. I'm now retired. "


" I’m an office worker spending majority of the day sitting in front of the computer without moving much. As a result I’ve been having back issue for years. Through my yoga class teacher I got to know Geoffrey and decided to give a go as it’s very close to my work. Have to say my initial intention was only a trial, as I’d tried various ones before but never lasted for different reasons.  Over the past six months I’ve been seeing Geoffrey about twice a month and am very happy to report that I would like to keep it going as long as I can.  Geoffrey is very attentive and good at reading the body language. So his session is never static or mechanical instead every session is different from previous ones and needs based depending on my body’s feeling at the time! As how good I felt afterwards each time, it becomes a highlight that I look forward to for that week.  If anyone has similar issues or just like the idea of having a good body maintenance, I highly recommend Geoffrey. And you will see for yourself." 


  "Geoffrey is attentive, thorough, personable, and extremely knowledgeable in his profession as a massage therapist.  I’m on my feet during most of the day and for my job, and he has been instrumental in effectively getting to the root and smoothing out the pain that I have carried in my neck, back and shoulders for many years.  He has worked with me over the past year to help me improve mobility, loosen tension, and promote an overall sense of well-being in my day-to-day life. Geoffrey offers excellent value for money as well.  I highly recommend his service to those in need of alleviation from pain and physical support for their bodies. "

- Annamarie -

I'm a desk-based office worker and early last year I was suffering from a great deal of constant aches and pains. I don't play sports but I do daily walk many miles around London for my physical health. I was going through a period of dealing with personal stress, and I wasn't sure what was causing this pain in my lower back and feet, most acute being the first thing in the morning. What I liked about finding Geoffrey was that he actively listened to what I was describing and he considered all the factors that were causing pain. He is very clear about what was going to happen during the sessions and in the various times I have been to see him, he's cost-conscious and keen that I get good value for money. He has recommended various effective physio exercises and yoga techniques, and signposts onto good online resources. He also recommended an excellent podiatrist, so he provides good signposting.

Most important though is that Geoffrey is an excellent and friendly masseur, and each time I've come away feeling physically much better and de-stressed. I highly recommended Geoffrey, and he's very reasonable price-wise too!


 I'm an author and theatre producer so spend long hours at a computer. I had been suffering from debilitating sciatica and Adhesive Capulitis in both shoulders for nearly ten years and had been given the maximum 3 rounds of steroid injections,  followed by intense physiotherapy in  all three areas. Nevertheless, the conditions kept returning. Ultimately, I was told my only option then was surgery.  I decided to look for alternatives rather than  subject myself to even more invasive approaches.  As luck would have it, I came across a sandwich board, close to where I live, advertising relief from back and shoulder pain. The website was healthsbestfriend.com and the rates for physical therapy were certainly affordable and represented very good value comparatively. I’d tried other forms of deep tissue, myofascial release and sports massage without much success, off and on before this, so my expectations were not high.  I did decide to give it a try and made an appointment that day. I  met Geoffrey a few hours later and explained my issues to him and he suggested a combination  of table massage and Traditional Thai floor therapy. The pricing was such that I had nothing to lose so I decided to go ahead. Geoffrey came across as earnest, honest and seemed to have a clear wish to help.   The first massage was on the table but not before he took copious notes with searching questions about my physical history, clearly keen to discover what the causes of my issues were.   The first session was based very much around getting to know my body and how it reacted to his approaches. I was impressed with his attention to detail and his unhurried attitude to understanding the problems.    I can't honestly say that I didn't feel much relief after the first session but I was left feeling sure that he understood my issues and had a clear plan to help me improve them.  After that, I alternated weeks with one 1 hour table massage followed by a two-hour traditional floor massage the following week. Slowly, I began to feel improvements in my shoulders and back and he also found that I was compressing my neck due to an injury I sustained many years prior. He felt that my neck was key to my other physical problems.  After a few weeks of slow improvement, I found that my lower back sciatica was all but gone. This was a real revelation,  given that it had ruled my life for so long and had disturbed my sleep constantly. Above all, the improvement here was palpable and convinced me that Geoff’s approaches were right for me.  So, fast forward to the present, and nearly two years later,  I feel physically much better: Sciatica completely gone. Shoulders with an exponentially improved movement and range and my neck feeling better than it has in a decade. People tell me that my posture is better too.  The more I have come to know Geoff over this time, the more I appreciate his personal commitment to improving his clients. He's a friendly, intelligent, approachable, nonjudgmental person with a genuine caring wish to make others physically well again.  I would recommend him unequivocally. No matter what your physical issues are. I feel sure he’d be able to help with anything that's causing pain or discomfort.  Even though most of my problems are gone to the extent that I'm not aware of them any more, I still try and see Geoffrey once a week for preventative maintenance. I don't want to ever return to the physical misery of the last 10 years.   In terms of the downtime I no longer have and the ineffective traditional health service approach to joint pain,  this alternative therapy is a no brainer.  It's non-invasive,  delivered professionally and proficiently and affordable.  Thank you, Geoffrey!"

--Fin C Gray - 

 "Geoffrey was recommended to me by a work colleague he was treating. As a wig maker I work  for long hours sitting with no exercise. I had acute back pain. Which meant  I had trouble standing, sitting and walking. Even pain whilst sleeping. I was taking pain killers to get through the day.  My treatment was tailored to my needs. Geoffrey was incredibly professional, patient understanding and caring.  I am now able to exercise and don’t rely on painkillers. I have recommended Geoffrey. As he is a excellent therapist. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend again.  "


" Geoffrey provides a fantastic services blending traditional massage, Thai-massage, physio-related skills and great banter. He is excellent value and is always committed to provide a good experience. Prior to Geoffrey, I could not consistently run or play rugby, now I can do both. Highly recommenced "