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Yoga Classes

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Q. Are spaces Limited?  

A: Yes. To maintain quality, spaces are limited to 30 people per class. 

Q.Do I need to book?

No need. Classes are on a first come first served basis.

Q.When should I arrive for class?

Please arrive 10 mins early and queue around the left hand side of the door of the center. This is so that if you are in the first 30 people you will get a space. 

Q. Do I need to bring a mat? 

A: If you have one, that is great. We do have some mats for first-time students to the class but it is best to bring your own as these can run out quickly.


Q: What style of Yoga is it? 

A:  Designed on a weekly basis ,class follows a theme eg, Hip opening.  Liz is trained in Vinyasa Flow which is a more dynamic style of yoga with a strong focus on the breath.   As well as teaching and practising vinyasa flow, Liz’s self-practise includes Astanga Vinyasa method, Jivamukti and Iyengar (Alignment based yoga) and these influence her style of teaching; classes are best described as ‘Slow Flow’.   

Q. What do I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing e.g. shorts, leggings, tracksuits, loose /trousers/bottoms, vest tops, T-shirts etc.  The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and can move freely.  You do not wear trainers or socks for yoga (however, you can buy special yoga socks which have grips if you prefer not to have bare feet).  

Q. I have never done Yoga in my life, Can I come? 

A:  That's great you’re a beginner and you are all very welcome in class!  Classes are all levels so some people in the class will have been doing yoga for a long time but different options and modifications will be given to suit beginners and more advanced students.  Please make use of the block/bricks and straps and take the modifications that are offered as appropriate to you.   The most important thing is that you can breathe fully in the posture and you do not experience any pain.  If you feel tired or the breath is laboured during the class, just come to the knees and rest in child’s pose whenever you need to and focus on your breath.  In this way you can build up your strength and flexibility safely each week.   Child’s pose will be demonstrated at the beginning of the class so don’t worry if that means nothing to you at this point!  

Q: Are the classes really that cheap? £5?

A: Yes. We have a responsibility to our community and believe in having prices to make Yoga accessible to everyone.

Q: Do you do corporate / office yoga?

A: Yes.The price of an hour class in your office is from £70. You will need to provide the matts. Please fill out a form here.

Q. Do you do 1-2-1 yoga instruction? 

Yes we do. Please fill out a form here.